Police Chief: A Gun in the Hand Beats Calling a Cop

Another local Law Enforcement officer supports the life-saving benefit of individuals being armed for self-defense.


Police Chief Joe Massey is yet another Law Enforcement Office advocating gun ownership for self-defense after the violent rape of a 73-year-old woman in Waterville, Maine by a hooded man brandishing a handgun, which he later used to “pistol-whip” the defenseless elderly woman.

leo_gun_radio_flag_cccimage“It’s one of those cases where you could make a good argument for citizens arming themselves,” Massey lamented. “Someone said, ‘A gun in hand is better than someone on the phone telling you police are on their way.’ In cases like this, you wish the homeowner had a weapon and was capable of defending themselves.”

It’s one of those cases where you could make a good argument for citizens arming themselves

BreitBart carried the Portland Press Herald story, each painting an astonishing divergent solution. We will touch on the media bias against gun ownership and self-defense in a moment. But, despite the overwhelming evidence of relative safety and lower crime with more law abiding citizens armed and ready to stop evil, the Herald’s tone was one of fear over more guns in the hands of citizens, rather than a fear for those who are innocently terrorized in a defenseless state.

Should a Christian Use a Weapon to Thwart an Attacker?

What does the Bible say about the right of self-defense? Jesus, in harmony with God’s instructions to and through Moses, clearly teaches that we could and should thwart those who come to steal, kill, and destroy. Our Master taught, But you should know this: If the owner of a house had known his house was about to be broken into, he would have stayed up all night, vigilantly. He would have kept watch, and he would have thwarted the thief. Matthew 24:43 VOICE

What is our Lord referencing? I believe He is in part referring to the Mosaic Laws provided as a means of protecting good from evil found in Exodus 22:2 (VOICE), which reads: If a person attacks a thief in the act of breaking into his house and the thief is killed during the attack, then the homeowner is innocent of blood guilt.

This nuance of this law is that the homeowner wouldn’t know at night whether the thief was there only to steal or to do harm. If just to steal, and we are certain we not in danger, we should not kill.

If the thief is killed, the homeowner is innocent

Now, clearly, Jesus’ teaching involves something far greater than just a thief coming in your home to steal. He is speaking by way of parables, or metaphors, to encourage His followers to be diligent and alert as to His second coming in the same way they would be if they knew their house would be violently broken into.

Jesus did not contradict the Mosaic Law, rather He reinforced it by using the object lesson to teach greater Truth. His teachings by no means abolished the practical eternal truths in support of self-defense and righteous defense of one’s family members, household, and goods. God not only allows self-defense, He is pleased by fathers (and mothers) who show the ultimate expression of love by protecting those under their stewardship from harm.

The Moral of Media Bias

Sadly, the leftist media elite and perverse liberal political establishment dare to presume they know better than the populace. “We the people” apparently can’t be trusted to make our own decisions. Irrational fear and elitism robs victims, like this elderly woman, the right to defend herself against against rape and possibility murder. Is it rational that she tell the attacker to wait while she calls the police. Even if she could make the call, what good is it to have the police arrive only after being horrifically violated without any recourse?

Everyone is FOR Gun Control

Individuals inherently, biblically, and constitutionally have the God-given right to control how and when we use weapons, including handguns, to defend themselves against murderers, rapists, psychopaths, and terrorists. This is the purest form of gun control.

Individuals inherently, biblically, and constitutionally have the God-given right to control how and when we use weapons, including handguns… This is the purest form of gun control.

On the left hand of this equation, liberal elitists and those ignorant of self-evident liberties are out to violently wrest gun control away from the people and into the hands of the government; to strip away are God-given freedom of self-defense. This is the evil and oppressive form of gun control as we have come to know it in this country.

Land of the free, we are not. But we must continue to pray for this nation and it’s leaders, and aggressively pursue justice, love Mercy, and walk humble before our God who is worthy of our whole-hearted devotion.


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