Anti-Rape Underwear “AR Wear” Resists Rape


Rapists are thieves. Sex thieves. And they steal so much more than virginity. Wicked, perverse men who trespass the sacred boundary of a woman’s privacy — sexually or otherwise — violently steal dignity, honor, peace, health, safety, and much, much more.

With the increase in brazen sex crimes, including the mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany by migrants against woman and even a female reporter live on camera, a woman’s sexual safety and protection is as important as ever.

And while many women are now carrying concealed weapons to prevent rape — and we believe this rising statistic of women CCW permit holders to be a healthy deterrent against rapists — the fact is that carrying a weapon is not 100% effective for a variety of reason.

Introducing Anti-Rape Underwear

Thankfully, the makers of AR Wear Anti-Rape Underwear have designed cut-resistant underwear for women that will prevent rape even if the rape victim is drugged or unconscious.

AR Wear athletic version.
AR Wear athletic version.

With AR Wear, women have a new revolutionary anti-rape self-defense weapon to resist a rapist’s assault and prevent rape even if she carries a concealed handgun, taser, pepper spray, or other self-defense weapon for self-protection. The makers of AR Wear write:

Although we believe that self-defense skills can help to resist an attempted assault, they cannot be used in all situations and will not always be effective. Other tools of self-defense currently available are also not effective in many common settings of sexual assault. Products such as pepper spray, tear gas, stun guns, etc. require that the potential victim be very alert and might be taken away to use against her.

How Anti-Rape Underwear Works

AR Wear consists of a unique mesh material, strategically located, making this locking underwear nearly impossible to cut away or be pulled off. The is, in part, due to an ingenious locking waistband and leg bands security system that only the wearer can unlock.

AR Wear lock with model.
AR Wear lock with model.

“Resistant to pulling, tearing and cutting while being comfortable to wear during normal activities”

Their stated goal was to create self-protection clothing that “must be very difficult for someone else to remove by either force or stealth (in situations where the victim cannot resist because she has had too much to drink, was drugged, or is asleep)” and “be resistant to pulling, tearing and cutting while being comfortable to wear during normal activities.”

Easy For Her. Impossible for Him!

The AR Wear campaign video shows how quickly and easily this defensive underwear is removed by the wearer during daily use. So, while AR Wear is relatively easy for the wearer to “undo” as needed, it appears nearly impossible for the rapist to remove, thus preventing unwanted access during an attack.

AR Wear lock 3d prototype.
AR Wear lock 3d prototype.

While AR Wear’s designers humbly recognize that “No product alone can solve the problem of violence against women”, we believe this is a powerful anti-rape tool to prevent unwanted intercourse, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), pregnancy by violent rape, and hopefully even discourage the rapist enough to end the attack early.

AR Wear Production Status

Ruth & Yuval successfully funded an IndieGoGo campaign reaching their $50,000 goal in 2013, and just recently released a video updating their progress. While they are not shipping AR Wear yet, demand is strong and they claim to be close to production.

We applaud AR Wear’s creators for their attempt to offer some peace of mind and personal protection for women, especially for jogging, international travel, and everyday out-and-about travel, and look forward to seeing this revolutionary rape prevention device on the market.

What Would Jesus Do?

Did Jesus say anything about rapists and how a woman could and should respond? Thankfully, yes.

“[The Owner] would have thwarted the thief!”

In the Old Testament He advised women to resist, to yell for help, and to bring the rapist to justice (which would’ve been death). And in the New Testament Jesus said of those taking something that doesn’t belong to them:

“But you should know this:If the owner of a house had known his house was about to be broken into, he would have stayed up all night, vigilantly. He would have kept watch, and he would have thwarted the thief” (Matthew 24:43)

Is not a woman the owner of her body, especially her sexual organs? And is not the rapist a thief, cowardly taking something that doesn’t belong to him?

Let’s remember that Jesus also died for rapists. Repentant rapists who receive Jesus’ sacrifice for them, show genuine remorse, and cease harming women should be forgiven by their victims. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be incarcerated. While anyone can be forgiven, sin has earthly consequences.

But for sexual predators who refuse the Voice of Truth telling them to “STOP!”, Jesus tells us to thwart the sex thief!

And this is precisely what AR Wear looks to accomplish.

Would You Wear Anti-Rape Underwear?

Ladies, let us know what you think. Would you consider wearing AR Wear? Men, would you buy this for your wife or daughter?


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