WARNING! Graphic video of the Freeway Church of Christ shooting.

This original livestream captured the horrific church shooting at Freeway Church of Christ. This is the full unedited video showing the moment the murder shoots two church members and when security team leader, Jack Wilson, neutralizes the threat saving multiple lives.

We decided to post the unedited video to educate about the reality of ongoing evil that home, churches and public venues face from evil people. This video will also help other church security teams with tightening their own security protocols and is powerful evidence of the need for Christians to protect others from evil, especially in a worship setting or at home.

It is wrong to show violent acts?

God has never shielded His people from the realities of evil as indicated by the raw and bloodied historical accounts of evil acts by evil people in both the Old and New Testaments. Hiding one’s head in the sand is neither wise nor appropriate. But foreseeing the evil and taking prudent steps to be prepared and help others is both wise and loving!

Should a Christian even carry a gun?

Is it right or even God-pleasing for a Christ follower to carry a gun and use deadly force? What do you think? Read this article and follow the ongoing discussion.



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