Jesus, Guns, and Self-Defense: What does the Bible say?


Gary Demar, from American Vision, republished an excellent article on Biblical self-defense in light of a few high-profile supposed “Evangelical leaders” voicing opposition through high-profile and highly progressive liberal news organizations.

These same “respected” news organizations are also hyper-atheistic, aggressively anti-Christianity (against the teachings of Jesus in other key areas, such as the blurring of genders and disregard of clear and unique biological differences between two clearly identifiable sexes — they obviously are not against a foreign “christianity” that celebrates and promotes sin), and openly promote the totalitarian seizure of guns from a peaceful populace which would prevent loving mothers and fathers and law-abiding homeowners from protecting their family, especially the children, from crazed rapists, pedophiles, murders, and the like.

Do not be deceived. Evil will persist. Evil people will do evil!  Evil will not follow common courtesy nor follow strict gun laws. All throughout God’s revelation, faithful and courageous men and women of God have taken up the sword (and other weapons) with the ultimate show of God’s love to protect the innocent and thwart evil-doers.

Here’s an excerpt from Gary Demar’s post:

“Authentic Christianity” includes the whole Bible. Being loving, peaceful, just and generous, and self-giving do not nullify our responsibility to be prepared with a good “self-defense” strategy if we are ever confronted with a San Bernardino type situation. Being armed and willing to defend ourselves, our family, and our neighbors is not being unchristian or even unloving. Self-defense can go a long way to protect the innocent from people who are intent on murder for whatever reason.

How “self-giving” should Christians in Paris or San Bernardino have been when confronted with the worst kind of human evil? Would it have been more “self-giving” by dying at the hands of murderers or would it have been more loving to stop those who were pumping bullets into people?

McLaren’s article is devoid of any actual biblical argument. Jesus tells us “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matt. 5:9), but He doesn’t tell us what our response should be when someone, despite our best efforts to be peaceful, still wants to steal, rape, and murder. We need to look at other parts of the Bible for help since the whole Bible is God’s word and not just the words in red.

Check out the whole article:


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