When we began thinking about the visual components of the Christian Concealed Carry logo, we wanted it to reflect the teachings and life of Christ, such as protecting and defending others.

But it goes much deeper in that Christ left us an example to serving others, to save and rescue others lives. It’s the highest calling of self-sacrifice.

The Design Elements and Their Meaning

The Shield: We chose the shield is a strong reminder of why a Christian would carry a concealed weapon in the first place. Ours is to be protectors of those who can’t protect themselves. To love our neighbors as ourselves. To hide and shield first, and if necessary stop the evil doer. The Bible emphasizes that God is our ultimate shield and protector. And we are reminded to “be like Christ” and to “imitative God” in loving and sacrificing our life for others.

The Cross: The cross is an obvious visual cue of our core beliefs. We are advocating from a Christ-centered mission, and the cross conveys not only self-sacrifice, but a dogged determination to get in harms way to save others. The cross is seen as weakness by those who think it’s foolishness, but we see it for what is it: the utmost in bravery, courage, and honor. To give one’s life for another is the highest calling, and anyone who resolves to carry a concealed weapon for the sake of others is putting their life on the line, even for strangers… just as Christ did for the whole of humanity. The Christian flag colors and it’s internationally recognized blue cross influenced our design as well.

The Red Vignette: The red in the logo abstractly represents a banner or flag of sorts. It also acts to visually conceal an abstract cross “sword”. But more importantly, the red visually mimics wine in a chalice, much like the wine served at the Last Supper where Jesus said “this is My blood of the new covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” What Jesus says here is so loaded. He is willing to lay down his life so that others would be saved. And in so doing, He suffered intensely, even to the point of sweating blood and ultimately by the pain of death, itself. But He was willing to drink the “cup of suffering” as it’s known. And those who decide to arm themselves for others are following in His footsteps. Because in the course of His mission, especially after He said “It is finished!”, He disarmed the whole army of evil, including their ringleader, Satan.

The Look of Love!

So as you look at the Christian Concealed Carry logo, you’ll being reading a rich story of love, sacrifice, salvation, rescue, and victory, all because Jesus Christ gave Himself for you and I.

So…Go and imitate Jesus! Do as He did. Pursue Justice. Love Mercy. And walk Humbly before your God. Be willing to lay down your life for others. Desire to save lives rather than idly sitting by and watching wolves devour sheep.



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